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Welcome! I’m Doctor Courtland Blount. I am a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician and currently a Cardiology Fellow with plans on being a General Cardiologist here within the next year. My goal is to provide the general population with a basic understanding of medicine, specifically cardiovascular diseases, in a simple and accessible way. Heart disease is one of the most prominent causes of death here in the United States, and I aim to empower individuals by simplifying complex medical jargon and fighting against medical illiteracy so that more people can make informed medical decisions.

Hearty Conversations LLC is an absolute powerhouse. Follow me at my social media links below to find educational and occasionally humorous content that gives you valuable medical knowledge that can be shared with family and friends! Dr. Courtland Blount’s passion to educate also extends beyond the realm of social media, as he takes the time to educate and empower the future doctors of tomorrow, in person, with valuable insight regarding the world of medicine and patient care. Make your way to the Collaboration Tab to get Dr. Blount to come and speak at your institution!

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